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Having a reliable plan makes all the difference!

The latest student engagement program powered by generative AI improves student outcomes and drives post graduate success.

  • a machine learning model 

  • personalized recommendations

  • tailored to your student population

  • improve the probability of successful outcomes


Endeavor provides you with a strategy that is anchored around the specific needs of each student and empowers your educational leaders with exactly what they need to support our young scholars.

Pencils and Notebooks

How is Endeavor Different?

Existing platforms rely on the traditional 3 KPIs (academics, attendance and behavior) to identify 'At-Risk' students. The

more progressive platforms add in SEL. In all cases,

this is a deficit model and leads to ineffective

interventions that are largely reactive. 

Asset-Based Approach

A Deficit Model

Endeavor takes a holistic approach to understanding

the whole student. This analysis looks at the strengths of the school

division and the supporting community partners to create a strategic plan that builds a village around each student. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


Gather past student data to build student attribute profiles for graduate and dropout students.


Analyze  profile attributes to identify the KPIs impacting student engagement and graduation rates unique to the division. 


Map KPI findings to the current student population to build probability maps for schools and students.


Generate reports for schools and intervention plans for hi-po students, incorporating division resources.

Math and Geometry Tools

Key Features

Personalized reports and recommendations for students.

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Impact assessments identify critical factors to improve intervention strategies.


Progress tracking monitors student success to refine future recommendations.

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2.6 Million High School Student are expected to drop out over the next 4 years unless we Change our Engagement Strategy!

Benefits of being an early adopter

“Standout from the crowd by being one of the first to take advantage of this new program!”

Becoming an early adopter of a student intervention software offers several compelling advantages for a school division. Here are key reasons why a school division should consider signing up as an early adopter:

Improved School Culture:

Encourage equity and holistic supports for each student. Completely shift division culture through the creation of a supportive village of stakeholders both inside and outside of the school building. 

Enhanced Student Success:

Tailored recommendations empower students to succeed by increasing student engagement and retention. Through addressing individual student needs, the program aims to create a more supportive learning environment, reducing the likelihood of dropout.

Effective Interventions:

Targeted strategies save time and resources. Reduce the feelings of burnout by providing educators with explicit actions to take that will yield results, improving employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

Make informed choices based on real-time analytics. By analyzing past and current participant data, the inform strategic decision-making processes, enabled schools to allocate resources effectively and implement evidence-based interventions.

Continuous Improvement through Machine Learning:

Evolving machine learning and generative AI enhances accuracy over time. By embracing cutting-edge technology for student intervention, the school division gains a strategic advantage in working towards and surpassing graduation rate goals. Early adoption positions the division at the forefront of educational advancements, demonstrating a commitment to achieving positive outcomes for students.

In summary, becoming an early adopter of this revolutionary student engagement software positions a school division at the forefront of educational innovation, providing tools and insights that can positively impact student success, engagement, and graduation rates.

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